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10 home design trends for 2018-2019

The seasons are to live them and make each cycle something different. Address the change of season in your home with the 10 trends of home design for 2018-2019! You are ready? The first thing in home design is to return to nature.

Nature is a marvel and is the liveliest example of perfection, so why not recreate it in our home? Yes, as you have thought: because the trend for the 2018-2019 design of the home is the recreation of the environment.

A fresh and welcoming touch, that you can not miss! The bet is on open concepts, furniture or wooden cabinets and open doors, decorations with plants and purely natural elements, in short, this season The natural concept is the biggest trend!

10 Trends in home design for 2018-2019.

1- Blue / Red trend colors!

Is it a different combination, is not it? Well, it’s going to mean a contrast, like Yin and Yang. In the design of home blue tones transmit calm and relaxation, instead, the red light is to energize and stimulate.

These colors are applied from ombrés to tonal gradients, in any type of material to create unique spaces. In the home design is already trend, takes advantage of the power that has the color to establish a balance of energy.

2- The mix of textures.

The mix of textures in your home design is an essential requirement since it is a worldwide trend, which is sweeping social networks and reached the Milan Fairs.

3- Goodbye walls!

Open concepts are the leaders in home design. So knock down those walls! Literally, or bet on transparent glass doors to make light flood your home. This is special for kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms.

4- Bathroom.

It is a special place and every day people are investing more in these spaces of relaxation. The trend is spa-like bathrooms, making a divine and personal space. In other words, you will not want to leave it!

5- Kitchens.

The trend for this section of the home is the open concept. However, the ideal color for this space is “black” because now the furniture and sinks are in this color, in combination with natural stone, to give an elegant and modern touch to space.

6- The age of gold.

This year will come loaded with much abundance because the trend is the “gold” accessory that simulates the unique and natural beauty of gold. So, all accessories, from taps, handles, mirror frames, in short, a golden touch will be a sure hit.

7- Geometry.

Maybe you do not like mathematics, but the geometry for the home design you will love! It is being used to decorate floors, in tiles, shelves, metal lamps, even geometric sculptures for our bedside tables.

8- Plants.

In the design of home 2018-2019, the decorations with natural plants cannot miss, they will give the environment a fresh and cozy touch, but you are a fan of this because there are already available in the market natural style papers, frames for framing or pictures of paintings.

9- Open cupboards.

Certainly following the open concept, now it is being applied even in furniture, open your shelves, cabinets or any storage place to your home, because it is proven that good vibes will enter your home.

10 Living room.

An important piece for your home design, for this the tendency is that it must not be missing for it to be complete: shelves, technological pieces, few pieces of furniture and more color, with more elements and textures. You can read more about interior design here.

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