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kids security tips to design my home

kids security tips to design my home

Safety is the most important thing for me. Keeping safed the physical and mental integrity of the people I love the most is an essential task that I must do every day. A key moment? When I’m going to design my house, it’s important to consider all the members, especially the children. Therefore, I will share with you the 10 best safety tips to apply in the design when children are present.

My children are the most wonderful people in the home but at the same time the most vulnerable. You and I must be aware of all the details, because your safety is the most important thing these days. So, you ask yourself, how am I going to design my house? with a few simple tips that will surely serve you too.

Why are these security measures important?

Recent studies reveal that the majority of children under the age of 4 have ever suffered health attacks as a result of an accident in the home. Although there is a saying that nothing is safe enough for children, these tips will reduce the odds, so I will incorporate them when designing my house.

10 best safety tips for children to design my house

Railings, rails and more railings!

When designing my house I must place railings everywhere in the design. By delimiting some space and around the edge of the staircase, this prevents falls of gravity.

1- The doors at the beginning and end of the stairs.

It is important to prevent children from using stairs without supervision, or from falling down stairs when passing by on one side.

2- Your bedrooms preferably on the lower floors to avoid the stairs.

3- If you are going to include bunk beds in your bedrooms, secure with railing and place a ladder, and of course keep away from the windows.

4- Avoid glass doors in children’s bathrooms, as these are very likely not to be seen in a moment of rapidity by children.

5- I include the use of non-slip carpets when designing my house. They are perfect for children and there are many striking designs so you can combine with the rest of the space.

6- You should include in the design for windows and balconies a kind of railing or protector, to prevent children from leaving there or falling from a certain height. Read more here¡

7- Electrical outlets Place the electricity points at an appropriate height, so as not to be reached by the babies or look for alternatives as protectors to avoid electrical accidents Children are very curious!

8- Make space for a game room! Enable a space in a strategic area, where you delimit with rails so that children can play there with security measures and within sight.

9- The kitchen design must be functional, with an island for children according to their size with the appropriate chairs and away from the burners.

10- Now yes, with these tips you can be calmer! I implemented them when designing my house and I am sure that you can also do it.

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