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Render your home before hiring the builder

Render your home before hiring the builder

If you have thought about making changes to your home or building a house from the ground up. It is important to consider the order in which you should hire the professionals who will manage the project, from the general idea to the implementation. 

Having a view of the project as close to reality as possible will save you time, money, and effort, in this case. You need to do the home rendering before hiring the builder. 

What are the benefits? 

The home rendering will give you a real vision of your project before considering other aspects. Such as the necessary permits, clarifying the ideas and defining what you want to achieve, the materials to be used in the construction, the distribution of spaces, functions, and more.

The 3D design is easy to understand and does not require technical explanations. As in the case of plans and two-dimensional models where a detailed explanation is necessary. 

With home rendering, it is possible to determine small things that could mean a lot in the future. For example, inadequate kitchen designs, without any type of comfort or with elements that do not correspond to that space.

Another function of rendering is to guide the client towards the absolute projection of his ideas. That is, to allow the visualization of the project in its final stage, even before the construction takes place. 

Early visualization of the project not only contributes to decision-making but also results in the optimization of spaces. Improving the interaction of the multidisciplinary team in charge of the project. Also, it is important to pay attention to the small details, doors, windows, electrical outlets, and other elements functionally necessary in the remodeling of your home. 

home rendering

home rendering

And once home rendering ensures that your home remodeling has:  

  • Safe and functionally adequate spaces. 
  • Verification of the layout of doors and windows, common and private spaces of the exterior and interior of the house. 
  • Customized architectural details in agreement with the client, be it structures, facades, space distribution, or more. 
  • Plumbing, electricity, lighting, basic services, colors, landscapes, shapes and styles. 

Then, it is time to bring in the contractor. At this stage, it is advisable to seek quotes from the builders, as they will provide you with project assignments in timelines to manage the implementation.

But, you should consider that sometimes the builder raises changes. Which should be considered hand in hand with the architect/designer of the project, to determine whether or not it is feasible to modify. 

In this order, it is established that if you want to remodel your home or build a house from the ground up, it is advisable to call the architect first, then do a home rendering, and finally, the builder.


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