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Why create 3D exterior rendering?

Why create 3D exterior rendering?

The construction and real estate business has maintained a steady pace. Thanks to the implementation of technology and the use of tools such as 3D exterior rendering continues to be a successful and productive industry. 

Traditional methods, where project plans and scale models are required, have been simplified thanks to exterior rendering. Fortunately, all objectives can be achieved professionally, with realistic and quality elements, at a lower cost and time. 

3D exterior rendering

3D architectural rendering allows to creation of a three-dimensional image of a project with a view to the future. The main objective of the 3d exterior rendering is to show how the project will look like once it is finished. This feature allows the people involved to have a clear vision of what they want. 

In addition, the exterior rendering strategically shows an approach where the relationship between the property and its surroundings is determined. As well as the people who will be living in the place. In this way, nearby establishments and elements such as light and shadows are included in the design, which are realistically represented.

3D exterior rendering

3D exterior rendering

On the other hand, it is common that questions arise: Why create 3D exterior rendering? Or is creating rendering effective? 

You can find out with the following considerations, which express why a 3D exterior is an excellent alternative: 

  • Cooperation 

Architects have to draw strict and accurate building plans. Then, in the hands of engineers. It will be different, becoming a difficult plan to understand. On the other hand, by creating a 3D exterior, the technical inconveniences are eliminated. So it is possible to visualize the project and know the result, thanks to the fact that it is designed in a clear way everything that must be done and how it must be done, avoiding disagreements between the multidisciplinary team. 

  • Editing 

Another important advantage is that errors can be identified from the initial stage of the work avoiding costly modifications in the implementation. A product of a small error that was not detected in the execution of the design, and which increases the cost of the project. 

  • Communication 

Having a 3D visualization of the project improves communication with the client. Because it is common to have doubts due to not knowing the terminology used in architecture. Making it impossible to understand the design. 

For example, if the client wants to change the exterior cladding but does not know the meaning of cladding, communication, and agreements will be difficult. But with a 3D rendering, the client can say exactly what he wants to change and how he wants to do it. There is no room for disagreement and everyone is satisfied.

Creating a 3D exterior solves this issue. And it will be easier for the client to say exactly what he wants and needs. Of his project with the environment and landscapes he needs. 

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